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"I would like to say a few words about CND Massage. I have been going to "Sandy" (Xiandi) for a little over two years and have found her to give the very best massage I have ever had. Being an Army wife, I thought I had found the best while living in Germany, but I was SOOOO wrong. Sandy has really helped me a lot after having an accident that left me in a wheelchair. Pain was my best friend and not a good one. It was pure luck that i was in the Savannah Malland thought.. why not try it. Sandy is a GA licensed  Massage Therapist and gives a combination of deep tissue, Swedish and acupressure. Next time you are in the Savannah Mall, stop by and try a really great massage. Ask for Sandy and you will be glad you did!. tell her Faye said hi!"

"Prior to going to Xiandi, (Think the letters CND spoken fast) I could barely walk and required a cane. Now, I walk normally and my overall health has improved due to the increased mobility. I don't even want to think of what I may have become without her. Not only is she a professional, her personality is so wonderful. To see her face light up when she sees her customers walk in is a joy to behold. I highly recommend her"


CND Massage * Savannah Mall * Savannah * GA * 31419 Phone: (912) 335-5110